Welcome to the MINDS Lab

Machine Intelligence and Data Science Lab

By leveraging advanced machine learning and data mining algorithms, we focus on the analysis, experimental evaluation, design and implementation of theory, logic and systems, with an emphasis on developing explainable, interpretable and theoretically sound tools to create new and innovative technology.

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We are the MINDS lab at Morgan State University, led by Dr. Jamell Dacon. Our research lies in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, especially in areas of Fairness & Bias in AI/ML/NLP, Human-Computer Interaction, Data Science for Social Good, and AI + X: Education and Healthcare with applications for people with disabilities (PWDs), criminal justice, and more.

  • Trusworthy AI: Safety & Security, Robustness & Realiability, Responsibility, Explicability, and Well-Being
  • FATE in AI: Fairness, Accountability, Transparency and Ethics in AI
  • Social Good Applications: Information Disorder, Harmful Language Detection, and more.
  • AI+X: Education, Biology, Linguistics, Healthcare, Social Science and more.

Interested in collaborating with members of the MINDS lab? We are always recruiting students each semester (Starting Fall 2024) and open to collaboration! Candidates are welcome to contact any lab member to gain more information about our lab or their expertise. We are looking for passionate and enthusiastic graduate and undergraduate stduents to join our lab!

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